Why Choose TMEC

Trinity Montessori Education Center (TMEC) is a highly acclaimed teacher education program located at the Montessori School of Shanghai on the Minhang Campus. Our mission is to prepare caring and competent teachers to work with the diverse population of children in early education and to become agents of positive change.

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Our Education Network

The Montessori School of Shanghai (MSS)  is dedicated to bringing authentic Montessori education to as many children in Shanghai as possible.Get to Know MSS

The Redwood Development Center (RDC) offers Occupational, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and counseling to children and adults by highly qualified and experienced therapists.Learn About RDC

Become a Montessori Educator

TMEC course operates in fully equipped and beautifully designed Montessori environments that serve as a model for the adult learners.

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