Welcome from Director TMEC

It is not the richness of environment that determines the success of the Montessori Method, but the preparation of the teacher.  

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Trinity Montessori Teacher Education Center (TMEC). Becoming a Montessori Educator is a chance to change the world, and it starts with changing oneself.  TMEC is honored to be a part of this process and dedicated to providing personal service to guide your Montessori journey.

The TMEC team of instructors, administrators and I look forward to getting to know you and we are available to assist you along your professional journey. Some of the highlights of Trinity Montessori Teacher Education Center are:

A Diverse Faculty Team

TMEC instructors come from all over the world and have been working in the field of Montessori education for several decades.  Some of them have been working in American Montessori training institutions and others have worked as directors for renowned Montessori schools. Their diverse academic backgrounds and expertise have brought great inspiration to our adult learners.

Expert Consultants

TMEC mentor teachers and field consultants are experienced Montessori educators and administrators. They provide evaluative feedback and mentoring throughout the practicum phase from September to May. They assist the adult learners in developing classroom management techniques and procedures for observation skills.

Learner-Centered Learning Experience

The adult learners are provided with an interactive, dynamic and collaborative learning environment in both the training center and the practicum settings. Lectures, demonstrations, guided practice, discussions and tutorials provide opportunities for the learners to engage with colleagues and co-professionals.

Quality Practicum Experience

TMEC adult learners may complete the required practicum at one of the AMS accredited Montessori School of Shanghai campuses (Xuhui, West Hongqiao,Jiading and Minhang) or other TMEC approved sites locations. 

I look forward to having the pleasure to help guide your through your own personal Montessori journey. 


Laura Roark – TMEC Director