Transfer Policy

TMEC accepts applications for transfer from Adult Learners who have completed a minimum of 40% of the academic requirements from another recognized Montessori course. Transfer adult learners must

  1. Meet the requirements for TMEC admission prior to evaluation.
  2. Provide credential and portfolios of the Montessori course work for review.
  3. Take a proficiency evaluation that will determine the TMEC course of study required.

Trinity Montessori Teacher Center includes four components that will be reviewed to determine the transfer status. Each component evaluated requires supporting evidence to demonstrate adult learner competency:

  1. Academic preparation
  2. Montessori classroom practicum experience
  3. Adult learner teaching Observation

The fee for review and evaluation of previous Montessori course work is 2,000 RMB. The tuition for the TMEC course will be prorated according to the course of study.