Practicum in Montessori Schools

The practicum (practice teaching) is a full school year under the supervision of a master mentor teacher. The practicum follows the summer intensive academic phase in a TMEC approved class directed by TMEC approved Supervising or Mentor Teacher.

Our adult learners will be immersed in an international Montessori school environment and working inside real children’s classrooms. Our practicum environment is designed and equipped to meet the developmental needs of infant/toddler and the early childhood age groups. 
The classrooms include a full complement of gracefully presented Montessori materials. 

The Adult Learner participates in all aspects of the class and following specific guidelines.The Adult Learner will prepare the environment, observe, plan, present lessons and guide children. The Adult Learner will implement respectful classroom management strategies. This experience expands on the Adult Learner’s understanding of both theory and practice in a Montessori environment. The Adult Learner will be observed and mentored by an assessor from TMEC while doing the practicum.

The practicum period is in conjunction with the school year. These experiences reveal the relationship between environment, the classroom routines and the child over the different time periods.