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About TMEC

Trinity Montessori Education Center is located in the Minhang Campus of the Montessori School of Shanghai. Adult learners will take all the academic courses in this major campus and choose to do their practicum at one of the campuses of the Montessori School of Shanghai or other approved sites.

Montessori education is worldwide with children from all kinds of backgrounds and living in many different environments. It is not the richness of environment that determines the success of the Montessori Method but the preparation of the teacher therefore. Our aim is to equip our graduates with the necessary knowledge and skill to deliver Montessori education of the highest standard and quality to the children in Montessori schools.

Brief Introduction of Montessori School of Shanghai

The Montessori School of Shanghai (MSS) began with the dream of building a school that provided a style of education that gave children an exciting opportunity to love learning. Montessori was just the right method to fulfill this dream. Founded in 2005 with two classrooms and 36 children, now MSS has four campuses in Qingpu, Xuhui, Jiading and Minhang with over 500 students.

The school has been praised by the Montessori community and the Chinese educational community for its accomplishments over the years. MSS is dedicated to bringing authentic Montessori education to as many children in Shanghai as possible. We believe that Montessori education benefits children and adults, and is an education that will establish healthy attitudes for life. We will continue to expand without compromising our standards and seize opportunity as it comes along.