Course Overview

June to July (five weeks)

The Comprehensive Academic Summer Phase prepares adult learners for practice teaching in fully equipped mixed-age Montessori Infant and Toddler or Early Childhood classes. The academic modules provide knowledge in Montessori philosophy, child development and core Montessori curriculum areas. During the practicum school year, adult learners will attend weekend academic sessions, complete observation and adult learner teaching requirements.

September to May (one school year)

The Practicum (Practice Teaching) is a Full School Year in a class of multiage children, with a supervising or mentor teacher. The adult learner gains knowledge and skills in the preparation of a Montessori environment, scientific observation methods, and the practical application of Montessori instructional techniques and materials. TMEC course operates in fully equipped and beautifully designed Montessori environments that serve as a model for the adult learners.

TMEC courses are delivered in English with Chinese translations. A translator is available through TMEC to provide translation service for students with their written assignments as well.

TMEC provides on-going coaching for adult learners through qualified Field Supervisors, the Program Director and Instructors.